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Hanging Hammock Chairs

There comes the point in my day where I just want to sit, relax, maybe pick up a book, or just lounge on my phone. I never realized how much time I spent in my 20-year-old beat-up armchair that rests in the corner of my living room. With this, I decided that it may be time to spruce things up and hop on the trendy hanging chair train.

What caught my eye about hanging chairs is that they suspend in the air, which makes for a much more comfortable and visually appealing lounging experience. If you're like me and want to invest one of these swaying seats, I laid out some of the best hanging chairs we recommend and use ourselves below the product table. 

Recommended Hanging Chairs For Your Home or Garden

Havanna Hammock Chair

Best value

Havanna Hammock Chair
  • Weatherproof and UV- resistant
  • Washable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supporting comfort that forms to your body

The Havanna Hammock Chair is the ideal single-seater for loungers who love the feel of a hammock. I love the ambiance of hammocks and their level of comfort. Plus, this is one of the best hanging chairs for people who like to switch up their surroundings between indoors and outdoors.

Most weather resistant

Cacoon Double Hanging Chair

  • Room for up to two adults
  • Lots of color options
  • Space for unconventional campouts

The Cocoon Double Hanging Chair is like a tent, but not. It's a chair with an ample area space for pillows, blankets, and friends. It's an unconventional tent, but it's a chair. You decide what it is! Polyester is the primary material, so it wicks away moisture, keeping you and your guests nice and cozy.

Brasil Gigante Hammock Chair

Best for sharing
  • Roomiest
  • The extra-large option
  • Supports up to 200 kg
  • Durable fabric

With extra fabric and more space, the Brasil Gigante Hammock Chair is like the Havanna Hammock Chair 2.0. It carries a similar style, but with more material. 

Next time you want to layout in your hammock, the Brasil Gigante allows you to bring a friend along or curl up by yourself and enjoy the extra space to spread out.

Brazilian Hammock Chair

Best style options
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Extra flair with crochet edging
  • Fabric made of cotton

Take the Havanna Hammock Chair, and give it a stylish twist. That's the Brazilian Hammock Chair. Looking at this hammock makes me picture myself sitting in front of the beach with a cold drink in my hand.

I would choose this hanging hammock for its style. The crochet edging alone radiates boho vibes. Not to mention the 12 pattern options to choose from- all with vibrant combinations. In that case, I'll be buying all 12.

Additionally, the cotton fabric forms to your body and supports you for maximum comfort. Style plus comfort equals "sign me up!"

Songo Hanging Chair

Best For Outdoor Advetures
  • For adventurers and nature lovers
  • Cocoon with twin doors
  • Perfect for open-air campouts
  • Easy to clean

The Songo Hanging Chair takes the Cocoon Double Hanging Chair and adds another door. It is one of the best hanging chairs that keeps you in contact with your surroundings.

When I picture using it, I imagine nature hikes, adventurous camping out in the mountains, and unforgettable trips outdoors. The open-air concept lets you lounge and take in the surrounding environment. Though it speaks of adventure, nothing is stopping you from using it in your backyard and creating your own experience!

Globo Single Hanging Chair

Best Garden Hammock Chair
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable wood frame
  • Washable cushions

This is the best hanging egg chair for anyone who wants to spice up their backyard patio furniture. The aesthetics of the chair call out for someone to take a load off in the middle of serene nature. It takes on the shape of hanging egg chairs but keeps a more rustic feel.

Along with that, it has a wood frame. A lot of hanging egg chairs have a powder-coated steel frame; however, the Globo Single Hanging Chair has high-quality spruce wood that has the strength of a powder-coated steel frame, but with a more charming appearance.

Globo Royal Double Seater Hanging Chair

Best multi-person seater
  • Seats multiple people
  • Weatherproof
  • Washable cushions
  • Holds up to 200 kg

This hanging swing is essentially the Globo Single times two. With the same sturdy spruce frame and washable accompanying cushions, you can add some flair to your backyard lounging.

This is one of the best hanging chairs that has the elements of an egg-shaped swing. It has the archness of an egg seat and the freedom to sway back and forth. The springs at the top can attach to a frame, ceiling, or even a tree. You and your friends and family can enjoy this hanging swing chair either outdoors or inside.

Hanging Chairs… Good to Know Information

Buying the Best Hanging Chair

Adding furniture to your home or backyard is a big deal. The last time I went furniture shopping, I had to consider the size, price, and quality of every piece I found. To make your shopping experience for a hanging chair less complicated, below, I explain some important aspects to consider along the way.

How to Choose the Best Hanging Chair?

There are a lot of considerations that go into finding a quality hanging chair. First, you have to find what works for your space. Ask yourself the following:

How big is the space for my chair?

Is there a particular place I can hang it from, or do I need a chair to withstand?

Is a hanging chair practical for my comfort?

Asking yourself these things beforehand makes the buying process much more seamless. It narrows down your options in terms of size and the hanging style.

When Looking for hanging furniture, you should also be aware of its material. When I bought my polyester chair, I found that the material drove me away from sitting in it. Since then, I have become more aware of furniture material. Here are some of the more common materials:

  • Rattan
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Swingasan
  • Cotton

Rattan hanging chairs are trendy because of the eco-friendly and easy to clean material. However, I found that they are not the ideal outdoor hanging chair. Comparable to a swingasan chair material, rattan hanging chairs are suitable for decoration indoors.

Wood is a durable and natural material for a hanging egg chair or, really, any kind of swinging chair. Both the Globo Single and the Globo Royal Double have wood frames that, I think, contribute to the visually appealing design. I consider the ideal swing chair to have a wood construction. Plus, you can add cushions and pillows to spruce it up, if needed.

Plastic gets a bad rap for not being eco-friendly and for not being the most comfortable material for a hanging chair or a swing chair. I would have to agree; I have not had exceptional experiences with plastic chairs, but if that is what you prefer, then go for it!

Swingasan has a similar look to a rattan hanging chair. Both have a weaved texture. On the other hand, swingasan works better as an outdoor hanging chair, since it is weatherproof.

Finally, cotton is popular for a hammock style swing chair. As a natural ingredient, it contributes to the overall. I feel that cotton is the best fabric for any swing chair or hanging chair. For this reason, I am in love with the Havanna Hammock Chair, the Brasil Gigante, and the Brazilian Hammock Chair. To me, they scream comfort and support.

What Are Some Different Styles of Hanging Chairs?

Finding the best hanging chair also means finding the right style. It should fit the style of the room and meet your comfort needs. For this, you should consider the following forms:

  • Ceiling hanging
  • Hanging chair with stand
  • Hammock

When I went out shopping, I noticed that there are also a variety of shapes to hanging chairs. Initially, I expected there to be one main circular shape, but I found that not to be the case. Here are some forms of hanging chairs you may see:

  • Egg
  • Bubble
  • Hammock
  • Padded hammock
  • Patio swing chair

You can suspend these in different ways- from the ceiling, from a tree, or as a standing chair. It seems that the egg chair dominates the popular shape, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. The Globo Single is inadvertently a hanging egg chair. Except it has a better style.

What Is the Best Way to Hang My Hanging Chair?

As I mentioned before, there are different ways to hang the chairs—the most common being from the ceiling or a stand. To determine how to hang yours, consider the space first.

If you are opting for an outdoor hanging seat, then I would recommend finding a tree. It keeps the natural feel of your backyard. If that is not an option, then go for a ceiling, if there is a covered area. Using a frame, both inside and outside, is my last resort recommendation. Frames can be useful, but they also take up a lot of space. A bulky hanging chair can defeat the whole whimsical and weightless feel of it all.

How to Hang My Hanging Chair?

There are two main ways to hang your swing chair: suspend it by rope or by S-hook. I prefer the rope because it gives you much more freedom to move, swing, and sway. The S-hook limits you to only rotating 360 degrees.

I strongly urge you to follow the given directions for your hanging chair. Egg chairs have a more comfortable design to suspend, but those without an arched top can be tricky. The supplied instructions are there to help you make sure that the chair is secure and safe to swing from and sit on.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Hanging Seat?

Hanging chairs are a fantastic way of adding an eccentric and unconventional piece of furniture to any space.

Egg chairs can modernize your room with its odd yet comfortable style. A hanging egg chair takes it a step further and creates an open seat that all your guests can envy.

A hanging swing chair, whether it is on your porch or in your living room, has relaxing benefits. The back and forth motion of a swing can reduce stress and put you at more ease. This is one of the reasons that I love my hanging egg chair. After a long day at work, I can sit and sway my mind to relaxation.

Overall, I found that a swing chair attracts people. Whether it's a single egg-shaped seat or a hammock, people fall in love. There is calming weightlessness that attracts people to these suspended seats.

Should I Purchase a Hanging Chair?

If you are really on the fence, examine the prospective area where you hope to add the swing chair. Would a swing chair look good here? Should I consider egg chairs instead?

All in all, it depends on the space. Studies show that hanging chairs can keep you relaxed- if you use it to swing in a relaxing motion. A swing chair is also a source for low impact exercising, which experts say helps to keep stress levels down.

Hanging chairs are also not too expensive since they remain relatively simple in their design. However, the best hanging chairs have a steeper price tag since they have better quality. However, trust me, it's worth it!

Before You Buy, Remember...

  • The area
  • The size
  • The material
  • The shape
  • The way it hangs (from the ceiling, stand, etc.)


The winner of the best hanging chair: Globo Single Hanging Chair.

Runner-up to the best hanging chair: Brazilian Hammock Chair

This one is quite the opposite of a hanging egg chair. Instead, it has a relaxing hammock-style with extra flair. You can be sure to find a pattern that goes well with any space. Plus, who doesn't love hammocks?

Third place to the best hanging chair: Cocoon Double Hanging Chair

This one has the durability and weather resistance to stand the test of the elements. It's marvelous for kids, but it can also bring out the child in anyone.