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Aruba Hammock



This is the ultimate way to make any great day even better; or turn a completely crap day into an absolute beauty! Relax and relieve stress by hanging out on the Aruba Hammock after being grilled all day by your boss and/or* a ragging from your beloved kids/other half/parents/in laws*. It’s (apparently) a healthy alternative to alcohol…although it could be argued that simultaneous consumption of beer and/or* cocktails whilst chilling on a hammock is orgasmic, albeit slightly dangerous**.

If you’re a green thumbed garden ninja, take a break on the Aruba hammock and enjoy the fruits of your labour - if you’re not, get this bad boy straight indoors and hang it in front of the telly!

The Aruba hammock is a great centrepiece for the indoors or in any garden, and at such an affordable price your can show off to your mates and neighbours without breaking the bank, or indeed breaking into one! This is a great gift for any celebration or occasion, and especially cheeky when you’ve really messed up and in need of a quality forgiveness gift – so much so, if you order before midday, we’ll get this outright stunner on express delivery, free of charge, en route to you the same day (we’ve got your back)! Please ensure to take full advantage of our limited buy now, pay now offer.

  • Available in three traditional striking colours that give a “just-got-back-from-Brazil look”.
  • Soft as pure cotton, it’s extremely durable and weatherproof, therefore perfect for those too lazy to pack it away.
  • It doesn’t fade in the sun so pretty annoying for us, as you won’t be back anytime soon for a replacement!
  • Spreader bar design ensures the hammock remains taut, thus allowing the sun to drench all of that perfect body before you depart to Skegness on holiday.
  • A great size to selfishly sprawl or relax with a child (if that’s possible).
  • Arrives at your door with free express delivery, order before midday and it’s shipped same day – perfect if you’ve forgotten an occasion or need a quick forgiveness gift!
  • Includes a 12-months warranty, a discount (if you subscribe and hang out with us on Facebook) and a handy portable bag, which is perfect for storage or on the move – what’s not to like?

* Delete as required or email us for an immediate discount if you are unable to!

** We think we are probably legally mandated to warn you of the dangers involved with excessive alcohol consumption whilst swinging in any hammock.

You may wish to check out our buyer’s guide, but if not, please ensure you have the correct hammock stand and accessories otherwise you’ll end up buying an expensive blanket!! Oh, and remember before you buy, a hammock’s not just for summer…it’s for life ;-)

Technical Details

Lying Surface: 210x120 cm
Full Length: 310cm
Load Capacity: 180Kg
Weight 1.6Kg
Material: EllTex (Weatherproof - water & UV)
Extras: Includes bag
How to wash: Hand wash only.  No Dryer

Compatible Stands:
Canoa Double | Mediterraneo | Siberia 359 | Postura | Apollo | Kronos | Madera | Olymp | Sumo Rockstone 

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