WeDo Charities and Great Causes

We believe every organisation, large or small, has a social responsibility to support good causes, whether local, national or global. This may be physical or financial support and it could be in the form of a significant contribution or a small one, but it should be a part of every business nonetheless. Companies working together in every community can only be a good thing -collaborative effort is of course a force multiplier. This is why we’ve decided to make the supporting of local good causes and national charities such a large part of our business.

Obviously everyone has different good causes they wish to support and we fully respect that. At WeDo Hammocks, two of our directors have served over 50 years in the British Armed Forces and as such are passionate about being in a position to contribute more effectively to causes that mean the most to us – those being to assist injured service personnel and those without shelter.

Please have a read about those charities and good causes we’ve chosen to support, read our blogs as we progress and support us wherever you can; let’s make a difference...together.

The British Legion is a UK charity providing lifelong support for the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Reservists, veterans and their families.

Help for Heroes is a British charity to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

The All Night Cafe’ welcomes veterans and the homeless, and provides those in need of shelter, free home cooked meals, complimentary drinks and refreshments throughout the night with a hearty hot breakfast served in the morning, followed by a selection of free food offered to takeaway.

According to Crisis, there are a number of different types of homeless and although exact figures throughout the UK are predominantly unknown, the BBC News reported in May 2017 that “there were an estimated 4,134 people a night sleeping on England’s street, more than double the number in 2010 and 16% increase on the year before” – and that’s just England!!

It’s common knowledge that we humans thrive on the basics, such as food, water, shelter, heat and arguably clothing. This is why we intend to provide more intimate support by raising funds towards the amazing work conducted by the team at The All Night Café.

Please keep an eye on our progress, which we intend to report in our blogs.