March 21, 2017 2 min read

With spring upon us it’s time to take care of those annual chores, and one chore that I always tend to is the waterproofing and protecting of my outdoor furniture. First on the list is my beloved outdoor hammock; so before I even think about hanging it in my favourite spot and taking a chance with the weather, I grab one of Nikwax’s many waterproofing products.

You know it’s not just the elements you need to consider, it’s also all those other potential accidental spills that can put a dampener on your favourite most treasured place of tranquillity within a split second. But don’t fret with one application of Nikwax’s water phobic products the element of chance is removed for another season.

Easy to apply, you can either, spray-on, brush-on or wash-in Nikwax, giving you the flexibility to choose the best application method for your particular hammock. Nikwax gets to work directly into the fabric meaning little of no wastage, saving you time and money, whilst protecting your treasured hammock time and time again. Giving you the reassurance you need, that you have prolonged the life, condition and look of your much-loved hammock.

But how does this water phobic product work, well it creates an extremely dry layer on the individual fibres that keeps liquids from retaining in the product but at the same time leaving it breathable. When you apply this product on your Amazonas cotton hammock for example you will find rain, sleet, alcohol, juice and other water-based liquids form small beads and simply run straight off. Therefore, in our opinion Nikwax is one of the best waterproofing products on the market. Not forgetting, the products green credentials Nikwax have no fluorocarbons or propellant gases meaning its non-toxic and is entirely environmentally friendly and totally safe to use.

Remember, Nikwax is dry to the touch once applied and completely breathable so your cotton, silk, canvas or elltex hammock won’t feel constricting or rough. Ensuring the fabric remains as soft and comfortable as it did before you applied the product. In a nutshell we believe you won’t find a better waterproofing product on the market today, that’s value for money and extremely easy and safe to use; happy waterproofing…

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