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So there’s a number of reasons we think you’ll want or indeed need to reach out and contact us today. Please rest assured, irrespective of the reason, whether it’s a serious customers services enquiry or you just want to reach out, we’d love to hear from you and as such are fully prepared to receive your communication and help you out accordingly.

We’ve got a number or different methods of communication depending on the reason for your contact as follows: 

  • Serious enquiry:  Contact us immediately by phone or use the “chat with us/leave a message” tab at the bottom right hand side of every page within our site.
  • General enquiry:  We’d be grateful if you’d review our every expanding FAQs – if this doesn’t help, contact us by completing the form below or sending a direct email to
  • Submit a product description:  If you’d like to submit a product description for consideration to be used on our site (and potentially win a prize!), submit it to
  • Just for a laugh:  We’re always up for a laugh, therefore feel free to contact us by completing the form below, sending a direct email to or post on our Facebook page.
  • Give us some praise:  Who doesn’t like praise? Post on Facebook and share it to absolute death please… ;-)
  • Complaints:  Unfortunately, we’re only able to receive complaints by carrier pigeon.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused*.

Please complete the form below or contact us via:

Telephone:  (+44) 0800 086 9454
Direct Chat:  Bottom right hand of site.
Social media:  Facebook

 *All complaints are taken extremely seriously and dealt with as a matter of urgency, please contact us by any means if you’re unhappy with any element of your browsing journey or purchase.