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If you’ve never bought a hammock before, or need a few tips, you’ve landed in the right place. We fully appreciate it can be confusing trying to choose a hammock and making sure you’ve got everything, therefore let us help you out with this guide which aims to keep the process as simple as possible.

After literally hours of analysis and months of arguments, we’ve cunningly calculated there are exactly five super important steps that require consideration when buying a hammock – so let’s have a look at each in turn:


1. Is the hammock intended for indoor use, the garden, when travelling or camping?

Indoors use:

It may be blindingly obvious but you may not know that although the typical outdoor hammock can be used indoors, in some cases outdoor hammocks are treated for all weathers – and as such may come at an additional cost! All hammocks can be used indoors to be fair, but we think it’s something to consider, especially if conscious of the pennies. Why pay for something that you’ll never need?

Chilling out indoors on a hammock is great, however, some of you may want to take it a stage further and use a hammock instead of the traditional bed. Believe it or not, there are numerous benefits to be had from sleeping in a hammock; have a scoot at our blog on sleeping in a hammock and decide for yourself.

Garden use:

Arguably, one of the most common uses for a hammock is just hanging out in the garden, and we consider that fully acceptable behaviour! With that in mind, you’ve got two choices – pack it away after each use, or leave it out during all weathers. If, like us, you’d prefer not to conduct any sort of unnecessary effort, you may wish to consider buying a hammock that’s been treated with all weather protection. All our hammocks can withstand a rain shower, but if you do require more protection, you may wish to look at our more weatherproof hammocks. Keep an eye out for the EIITex sign, which guarantees a very weatherproof hammock that hardly fades in the sun, is extremely tear-proof, even after repeatedly getting wet, and is still considered as soft as pure cotton…what’s not to like!?

Camping or travelling:

If you’re camping, whether traditional or wild or even travelling, there are a few things to consider when deciding which hammock to buy. Our range includes hammocks that are ultra-light, provide protection against insects, the ability to add thermal pads and a tent cover to ensure it all keeps dry. If hammock camping is something you’re considering, check out our blog on some of the best hammocking camp sites throughout UK.


2. Do you require a single, double or family sized hammock?

A good rule of thumb is that our single hammocks are perfect for one adult and in some cases a small child or pet. The doubles are exactly that – to share with a significant other, whilst the family sized hammocks can be shared with up to two adults and two children. Our entire collection has technical details that provide important information such as the lying surface length and load capacity, therefore take a little time to ensure the hammock meets your needs and filter your search through our store for ease.


3. Would you like a hammock with a spreader bar or classic design?

The wooden spreader bar at each end of the hammock ensures the fabric is taut, which has a number of benefits: it stops the hammock from wrapping around your body; allows you full exposure to the sun; you’ll have all round vision; the material will dry quickly if wet and it looks absolutely fantastic when not in use. They’ve been known to be slightly trickier to get on and off and may not be what you’re looking for if you’re prone to moving around in your sleep.

The classic is designed to envelop your body and the curve of the hammock will imitate the natural curve of your spine; with no pressure points, you’ll find it impossible not to enjoy the feeling of being suspended. Although not as exposed to the sun, the classic design hammock is great for relaxing, reading and/or snoozing!


4. What fabric, colour or pattern would you like?

Once you’ve decided where the hammock is intended, its size and spreader or classic design, all that’s left, is to choose the fabric, colour or pattern. Our range offers designs, colours and patterns to suit all tastes and budgets; from the affordable Tobogo and Tahiti to the more elegant Palacio range so we think the only problem you’ll have at this stage is choosing which one you like the best!


5. Hanging from trees, walls, ceilings or need a stand.

Okay, so now you’ve chosen the perfect hammock, you have to decide how you’re going to hang it and this all depends on what you have available to you, whilst trees are obviously perfect, you may not have any! Here are the common problems with recommended solutions:

I have two trees, what do I need? 2x Micro Rope, Smart Rope or 1x T-Strap
I have two walls, what do I need? 2x Easy Plus
I have one tree and one wall, what do I need? 1x Micro Rope, Smart Rope & 1x Easy Plus
I only have one tree, what do I need? 1x Micro Rope, Smart Rope & 1x Madera Stand
I only have one wall, what do I need? 1x Easy Plus & 1x Madera Stand
I have two thick wooden beams, what do I need? 2x Jumbo
I have one thick wooden beam, what do I need? 1x Jumbo & 1x Madera Stand
I have none of the above, what do I need? 1x Wooden or Metal Hammock Stand*

*Read the hammock product description to find out which stand is compatible with your hammock.

Hanging A Hammock With Accessories

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