Easy Plus Hammock Fixing

If you’re lacking the trees required to hang your hammock and looking for a more affordable solution to buying a stand, you’ve hit the target with the Easy Plus. You’ll obviously need access to two walls, unless you’ve got one tree whereby you can use one of our tree hanging solutions on the one end and the Easy Plus on the wall end. Maybe you can use the wall of your house or indeed garage? - Either way, this option will save you some money and it’s a great way to hang your hammock outside or indoors.

  • Designed specifically for the suspension of hammocks on the wall.
  • Includes strong plate, carabiner, four screws and nylon screw plugs.
  • Carabiner includes a plastic guide to remove friction and ensure smooth and quiet movement.
  • Can be attached to walls or wooden beams up to a maximum load of 200kg.

Please be advised: The Easy Plus does not come as a pair therefore two packs are normally required ;-)

Download Easy Plus Instructions Here


Technical Details

Load capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight: approx. 0.4 kg