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There are no words to describe the pure comfort that you get from taking a load off in a hammock. Don't get me wrong, I love my bed, but that doesn't mean I don't like my hammock too. Putting one together requires a combination of the correct stand, hammock, and fixings. While it's not impossible to do, a hammock set bundle takes both the labour and some of the associated costs away. 


If you don't find the perfect bundle then contact our team at WeDo Hammocks as we will create a bundle just for you... and make it cheaper than buying the parts individually.


Even with this information, choosing the right hammock bundle is not the most straightforward task. Therefore, I went ahead and compiled a review of six of the best sets you can get for a fantastic price. I'd like to highlight the Double Sunbrella® Hammock with 2.5m Solid Pine Arc Stand, as it is the best option overall. 


Double Cotton Hammock with 2.5m Solid Pine Arc Stand

Best Value

This is a fantastic double-sized hammock that lends itself to unbelievable comfort. Apart from feeling great, it's also looks impressive, as the design features a solid pine arc stand that has a beautiful finish. The pine stand is weatherproofed, and it lends itself to a fantastic measure of durability. 

In terms of weight capacity, this set can accommodate anyone up to 204 kilograms. The hammock has a total length of 245 centimetres. However, the hammer bed runs 220 centimetres with a width of 119 centimetres. With such a capacity and these dimensions, there is a superb capacity variety present. You could enjoy a comfortable rest period with your significant other or a family member, without ever worrying about the whole assembly crashing down. 

The cotton fabric is completely washable. Note, however, that hand washing is suggested. Both the warranty and returns policies run for a year. I know it doesn't take me a year to realize that I'm unhappy with a product, but it does mean that you have some time to feel things out. Additionally, if there are any product faults that crop up within that time, you can always take advantage of the generous window. 


  • Very durable product
  • Great capacity
  • No comprehensive setup required
  • Tremendous comfort


  •  Colour variations are not always available

Double Cotton Hammock with 2.5m Metal Stand

Greatest Dimensions 

This is a premium hammock set that is designed with a look that makes it suitable for placement in your garden. It is built with durability in mind, which you can probably tell from the choice of a metal stand. 

There is immense colour variety, so be ready to be overcome with the burden of choice. I always love to see offerings that give buyers a wide range of options. 

This is a double-sized hammock with a full length of 365 centimetres. The bed length and width are 240 centimetres and 119 centimetres respectively. The weight capacity here is also 204 kilograms. Therefore, you and some company can enjoy some relaxation together, since there is enough space here for more than one person. 

The hammock is made of 100% cotton, and it should only be hand washed. As is the case with the previous entry, the warranty and return periods are both a year long.


  • Metal stand means adds an excellent durability factor
  • Colour variety is wide
  • Assembly is almost a non-factor


  • Metal stand means that rust may be an issue with time

Double Sunbrella® Hammock with 2.5m Solid Pine Arc Stand

 Best Overall

 Here is yet another premium set that is designed for you to enjoy tremendous comfort with a stylish look. Apart from being immensely comfortable, the Sunbrella® fabric is also weatherproof. Its durability factor means that the hammock offers longevity in two different ways. 

While the first is the bed material, the second is the solid pine arc stand. It is as sturdy as it is pleasing to look at. This double-sized hammock has a weight capacity of 204 kilograms. This is combined with a hammock length of 245 centimetres, a bed length of 220 centimetres, and a width of 119 centimetres. 

 All this means is that there is tremendous accommodative ability baked into the design. I love the fact that I can lay alone or have company with me if I so desire. Not many providers can build hammocks to withstand both the elements and multiple people.

 Proper product care dictates that you should only hand wash the material, and the warranty and returns periods both run for a year.


  • Outstanding hammock durability
  • Simple assembly
  • Comfortable design


  • Colour variety is limited

American Dream Set Grey 

Best Accessory Inclusion 

As the name implies, the spirit of America resides in the design of this hammock. This comfortable option is available in Gunmetal Grey, and it features a detachable head cushion for added customizability. 

Instead of opting for traditional materials, this hammock takes a step outside of the norm. First, the bed material is recycled yarn. I'm not sure how big this is to you, but it's always amazing to see the support of recycling and reusing. Additionally, the stand is made of European Spruce. Not only is the material FSC certified, but the construction was completed entirely by hand. 

The double-sized hammock has a length of 335 centimetres, a bed length of 200 centimetres, and a width of 120 centimetres. It accommodates up to 160 kilograms. Though this may be slightly lower than other models, accommodating one or two persons is still not a problem.

Should you choose to return the hammock at any time because of discomfort or a factory fault, both the warranty and return policies run for a year.


  • Unique design
  • Tremendous comfort, which is further heightened with the detachable pillow inclusion
  • High durability stand
  • Easy assembly 


  • No colour variety
  • Capacity and dimensions are a bit lower than other alternatives 

Mesh Hammock with Metal Stand 

Most Affordable 

Here is another incredibly comfortable hammock option for you to enjoy. Instead of the traditional cotton design being used for the bed, A polyester-based mesh is employed. This offers more than just being different.

The use of mesh lends itself so immense breathability. Additionally, it is water repellent, which means that you don't need to worry about any progressive damage from any source of liquid.

Be that as it may, the material is no less washable than the other options reviewed so far. Of course, the washing should also only be completed by hand. 

The stand also lends itself to an extreme measure of durability, thanks to the use of powder-coated steel in the design. So, you don't need to worry about your hammock breaking down on you or anything of that nature.

The weight capacity here is 200 kilograms, and the hammock length is 279 centimetres. Of that length, there is a 220-centimetre bed length, which is accompanied by a 119-centimetre width. Note that unlike the other options that have been presented until now, this is a single-sized hammock. The warranty and return policies are the same that you've seen before, meaning that you have a year to return the item if it is displeasing or defective. 


  • High durability, which is offered at two levels.
  • Very comfortable design
  • Simple assembly
  • Good colour variety 


  • Metal is susceptible to rust in the future 

Omega Set Grenadine 

Best for Individual Use 

This is an incredibly stylish hanging chair with a design that easily captures any pair of eyes. The stand is made of powder-coated steel, while the chair material is made up of recycled Brazilian cotton. Again, it's always great to see these products use an environmentally friendly design. 

Note that this is a hanging chair, as opposed to a hammock, which means that it is designed for individual use. Therefore, their dimensions are smaller than those of a hammock. The capacity here is 150 kilograms. The hanging chair length is 170 centimetres, while the width is 70 centimetres. These measurements further reinforce the premise of individual accommodation and relaxation. 

The Brazilian cotton used is waterproof, yet washable. Only hand washing is supported. You should also note that a storage bag is included with your purchase, and you get a one-year warranty and return allowance. 


  • Very comfortable material
  • Assembly is not a chore
  • Durability is offered on two levels
  • Incredible aesthetic 


  • Metal frame is prone to rust over time 

Why Should I Buy a Complete Set Instead of Just Getting the Individual Parts? 


You may be tempted to simply get the individual components and build your hammock to save money. After all, there are many appliances, fixtures, furniture options, and electronics that are much cheaper if you should buy the individual components and put them together on your own.

However, because of the prices that are offered on WeDo Hammocks, that pattern is not a consideration in this context. Whether it is that you like a new hammock or a hanging chair, there are bundles that consist of the bed/chair, the frame, as well as whatever fittings you may need, at a price that is more affordable than the sum of purchasing the individual components.

You should also know that there is a huge sale happening on the site. Therefore, these bundles that were already very reasonable, now have prices that are even more competitive than before.


This is another critical consideration. If you should choose to build anything from scratch that has multiple parts, the way that these parts fit together and support each other is a deciding factor in which ones you should get. Unfortunately, finding all the compatible pieces to build your own hammock may not be as easy as you may think. 

This may lead you to go through a cycle of purchases and returns before you manage to put together the components that are necessary and that support each other in the way you need. Of course, I'm not saying that getting the right mix of parts is impossible, as there are people who have done it. However, it is no easy feat. I'm no hammock wizard, so I didn't find doing that intuitive in the least. 

So, wouldn't it be amazing not to have to do any of that when you opt to get a new hammock? What if all the parts you got just fit, and you could have a super easy time assembling them? That is the kind of experience you get when you purchase hammock set bundles from WeDo Hammocks. Remember that all the compatibility considerations are handled by the vendor before you even order a product.

Customisability and Variety 

This is another huge advantage of choosing to go with a hammock set bundle from WeDo Hammocks. You can most likely tell that variety is a huge part of the site's composition. I'm sure you got an idea of that, based on the six incredible offerings that were reviewed above. However, these are not the full extent of the catalogue, so you are empowered with choice as a consumer when you contemplate making a purchase.

Even with all that diversity, there is still more that the site offers to you. If you wish, you can reach out and communicate your specific requirements. The variety is terrific, but it's not impossible that you may have special needs that are not met by the existing bundles. 

Once you communicate your needs, WeDo Hammocks is willing to make you a new set. of course, this set is a perfect representation of the requirements that you have communicated, and the advantage of a lower price, when compared to buying individual parts, is maintained. 


If you're interested in a hammock purchase, you can choose to get the individual components, or you can grab yourself a hammock set bundle. Doing the latter allows you to save money, as it ensures that you have the right parts, and you get a level of customisability and variety that results in your making our comfortable choice.

The best hammock set bundle offering is the Double Sunbrella® Hammock with 2.5m Solid Pine Arc Stand. Based on the combination of comfort, durability, price, and accommodative capability, it has the best mix of the six that were reviewed.

Remember that while you can choose to get it or any of the other bundles offered, WeDo Hammocks can create a unique set for you, which is still more affordable than procuring the parts on your own. Of course, this comes along with the advantage of guaranteed compatibility. 

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