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Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a perfect spot where you can just hang out and relax after a long day’s work. Some people have a lounging area, a backyard or a garden where they can be alone and have a place to meditate.

Imagine this: you’re sitting comfortably reading your favorite book while drinking a cold glass of lemonade. Now wouldn’t that be awesome? Unfortunately, not everyone in the country has a backyard or an extra space that they can turn into a recreation area but didn’t you know that you can almost have the same kind of experience, maybe even better, if you’re using a hammock?

A lot of people would agree that having a hammock would definitely enhance your relaxing experience. With that said, here are 9 fantastic hammock ideas that would surely upgrade your lounging experience:

    1. The Backyard Hammock- This type is what we’re all familiar with; however, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good option. Perfect for the summer, the backyard hammock is convenient, easy to assemble and is really comfortable – for kids and also for adults.

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    1. The Bohemian Style Backyard Hammock - For those who’d like to add a little aesthetic appeal to their lounging spot, they can go for a bohemian-style backyard hammock. This one is a great addition to a patio or pool area. With this, you can turn your backyard into a spiritual getaway with the aesthetic twist of the hammock!

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    1. The Hammock Pool - A relaxing swim at the pool is one great way to spend the summer. But think about how much fun it will be if you have a hammock in your pool area? If you want to make the most out of your lounging time, putting a hammock up near a swimming pool is truly an excellent idea.

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    1. The Trinity Hammock - A trinity or triangular hammock is the best option for you to enjoy your time alone or with a special person. The wide canvas hammock with three sides allows you to lie down comfortably in your own backyard. This makes it suitable for naps on breezy spring afternoons.
    2. The Cabin Style Hammock - Cabin hammocks are another way to add some aesthetic value to your property without sacrificing functionality. These hammocks are usually put up on the patio between two poles, and you can look out from the patio to enjoy the view.
    3.  The Basket Hammock - A basket hammock is an awesome place to sit and relax while having hot chocolate or reading your favorite book, as it’s pretty much a hanging chair that you can put in your yard or patio. You can get a separate leg rest so that you can kick back and enjoy the privacy and comfort in your own little egg basket.

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    1.  The Kid Hammock - Now, who wouldn’t want to have a hammock in their house? Chances are, your kids also love hammocks just as much as you do, so why not put one up for them as well?

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    1.  The Plaid Blue Knit Hammock - If you want to increase the look of your hammock design, a plaid blue knit hammock should definitely be your number one choice. It fits very well with a relaxed atmosphere with potted plants and vines, and it will help to complete the look of your backyard.

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    1.  The Home Office Hammock - It’s definitely not easy to relax when you’re inside your home office or study but did you know that adding a ceiling hammock can change things quite a lot? You can place it on a spot where you can unwind. Having a ceiling hammock can help you relax and gather your thoughts before getting back to work.

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Thinking of getting a hammock for your lounging area? Check out WeDo Hammocks, we have all kinds of hammocks – from hammock chairs to hammock tents, you name it, we got it. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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