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What’s a Tree Tent and Who are Tentsile?

Tree tents are suspended above the ground, which can be used as an all-terrain camping solution, portable tree house, safari safe house and mountain or beach retreat. As they’re suspended you don’t need to search for a flat space to pitch your tent, simply choose your trees and get camping!

Tree Tent In The Winter

Design of the tree tent acts a large enclosed hammock with spacious accommodation.  They’re complete with a fully enclosed insect roof mesh and removable rainfly sheets, so you can close down the hatches during periods of inclement weather or enjoy the stars on a clear night whilst remaining insect free. Elevating the sleeping position in this fashion is a great way to increase comfort and reduce ground dampness experienced in traditional tents. Sleeping off-ground also prevents the nasty uneven floor and avoids any unwanted guests.

Developed by Tentsile, a company born from passion, Kirk and Alex created the revolutionary tree tent back in 2012 for the consumer as a simple, light and affordable solution, which has made camping even more fun and exciting than ever before. This same tree tent is now their flag ship product and is called the Stingray, more on the Stingray soon…


How are Tree Tents Suspended or Hang in the Trees?

The hammock tree tent is suspended above the ground using three trees as anchor points, which results in a taut  floor-base to comfortably support its guests within. Anchored with polyester tension straps leading from the tent to each anchor point and tightened with a sturdy ratchet system ensures safety. Its 3-point anchor system gives the tree tent ample room for sleeping as well as storing any bags. All Tentsile tree tents can find space in an uneven triangle or acute-angled triangle (angles less than 90 degrees), so you don’t even need to find the perfect equilateral triangle! Be sure to check out the Balancing & Equalising video below for more information…


Entry Points – How do I get in my Tent?

There are either 2 or 4 entry points/doors into the tree tent depending on the model. The Connect and Vista have 4 entry points/doors while the Stingray and Flite+ have 2 each. Fly sheet and insect mesh both unclip from the floor. The tree tents should be setup at the recommended height of 1.2m / 4 ft as a safe and easy height to use, however, a ladder as an optional accessory is available if required. It’s worth noting tree tents should be set up at a height its occupants feel comfortable falling from. Images of high installations seen on this site have been executed by professionals with rope access experience.


Tentsile Tree Tent Models at a Glance

So, which tree tent could be best for you? Check out our comprehensive comparison chart of each model:

Stingray Connect Flite+ Vista Trillium T-Mini
Full Dimensions 13.5×13.5×13.5’ 4.1×4.1×4.1m 13.5×13.5×9’ 4.4×2.7m 11x11x9’ 3.25×3.25×2.7 13.5×13.5×13.5’ 4.1×4.1×4.1m 13.5×13.5×13.5’ 4.1×4.1×4.1m 11x11x9’ 3.25×3.25×2.7m
Weight 20lbs/9kg 16lbs/7kg 7lbs/3.2kg 22lbs/10kg 14lbs/6.5kg 4lbs/2kg
Set Up Time 15 minutes 15 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 8 minutes 8 minutes
Packed Size 23x10x10’ 59x25x25cm 23x9x9’ 59x25x25cm 16x8x8’ 40x20x20cm 23x10x10’ 59x25x25cm 17x9x9’ 42x22x22cm 12x6x6’ 30x14x14cm
Capacity 3+ adults 2+ adults 2 adults 3+ adults 3+ adults 2 adults
Floor Area 7m² / 75ft² 5m² / 53ft² 3.75m² / 40ft² 7m² / 75ft² 7m² / 75ft² 3.75m² / 40ft²
Maximum Load 880lbs/400kg 880lbs/400kg 420lbs/285kg 880lbs/400kg 880lbs/400kg 420lbs/285kg
Seasons 4 4 4 2 2 2
Bug Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Rain Protection Yes Yes Yes Moderate No No

Tree Tent Types

The full comparison chart can be downloaded as a PDF here.



The Stingray is Tentsile’s flagship tree tent and is both a unique and comfortable outdoor shelter. It boasts three spacious hammock berths with ample room for 3 adults. Access to the Stingray Tree Tent is provided via the large front door and the centre floor hatch for use when raised higher from ground level. It includes a rain fly which can be removed as required for open-sky camping and outdoor fun.

Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

The Stingray tree tent can become a multi-story camping base or enhanced tree house for six by setting up a Trillium. Watch the Tentsile Stack video below to see the trillium being setup.



The Connect is a two-person tree tent with removable rain fly featuring an adjustable double hammock bed with 2 large pockets for storage. This model offers a completely new way to connect with your friends and the great outdoors. Its rain fly can be pegged out towards the ground to create a large porch area

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

The Connect Tree Tent can also be used to create a super six camping solution or enhanced tree house and we think it looks out of this world. Get more information on the Trilogy Super Tent here, and check out the video below to see the Trilogy in action.



The ultralight two-person tree tent is the perfect size for backpacking and adventuring. The Flite+ Tree Tent features a cross brace for extra headroom. It’s offered complete with a single ratchet to save on weight and given the smaller size it can be set up most places – even in dense forest. The Flite+ has a full insect mesh top with 2 doors and a removable rain fly to enjoy those unbeatable views. The fly can be pegged out to the ground, creating a covered porch area and multi-story camping base.

 Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent


Perfect to hang out! The Vista can sleep three people with a completely removable top for an immersive experience with the night sky. The Vista Tree Tent has three fully separated hammock berths. Access can be gained by the centre floor hatch as well as the doors on each side – giving you four easy access points! Trilliums can be stacked underneath to create a true multi-story camp base or enhanced tree house. 

Tentsile Vista Tree Tent


Arguably, the most durable and hardcore tree hammock on the market today. Reinforced by 20-plus metres of seatbelt and secured by heavy-duty ratchets and webbing, it provides unprecedented safety and stability. The Trillium Hammock can also be used for stacking beneath tree tents to create a multi-level system for extra sleeping and storage space, or enhancing a mobile tree house to enjoy with others.

 Tentsile Trillium Tree Tent


A lightweight and spacious two-person hammock that is a perfect size for trekking, fishing, shooting, bird-watching, or simply hanging out in the garden. The T-Mini Double Hammock comes with a single ratchet and packs a weight of only 2kg, all of which makes this a great multi-use hammock. The T-Mini can also be used as an extra layer beneath the Flite+ or Connect to create a double floor and provide extra insulation. Tentsile T-Mini Tree Tent

Tree Tent Tips & Tricks

An extremely versatile range of high-quality, robust tree tents which allow you to configure and enhance your camping and outdoor experiences in many ways:

  • Once you have experience using a tree tent you can reduce the weight by 2kg by dropping two ratchets and incorporating WebLocks into the installation.
  • The tree tent can become a multi-story camping base by adding numerous hammocks beneath, watch the stack video below to see how easy it is.
  • Added insulation as required by adding a hammock directly below the tree tent; review the insulation video below for further information.
  • Entire range can also be used for numerous uses and is a great portable tree tent solution. 


Tentsile Spare Parts and Accessories

There are many spare parts and accessories available to replace or enhance your camping experience. The SkyPad Camping Mat is an inflatable dual chamber mat featuring thermal insulation and non-slip base for a warm and cosy sleep. The No Trace Kit is a set of tree wraps, which are soft and fuzzy with Velcro patches – this ensures the delicate bark on trees won’t be damaged when hanging your tree tent installation. Find these and many more accessories and spare parts here.



We’re extremely excited to welcome the Tentsile brand to our range of quality hammocks. We believe this is a truly revolutionary product and will change the way we enjoy the outdoors for a very long time. Ensure to watch the videos on this page and check out the dedicated model listings on our site. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the range just as we have. Please contact us if you would like any further information relating to the Tentsile brand; as always, we’re happy to help. The team at WeDo Hammocks.Tree Tents On The Beach

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