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Over the years this idea has become a circling trend, consequently bringing a comforting environment for adults and fun swinging sessions for children! Free standing hammocks bring maximum comfort to the homes of individuals. Whether users are in need of some fresh air or wanting to star gaze for a few hours, they are a great alternative to the traditional hammock.

The strong stands built specifically for free standing hammocks eliminate the need for trees. With the large selection on the market, consumers are bound to find something that they’ll love. To save viewers time and money, we have compiled a list of the best free standing hammocks on the market this year.

Free Standing Hammock Comparison Chart

Model Style Hammock Length Load Capacity Stand Material Stand Dimensions
American Dream Spreader Bar 335cm 180Kg Weatherproof Spruce Wood 357 x 104 x 131 cm
Miami Aqua Spreader Bar 320cm 150Kg Weatherproof Spruce Wood 358 x 105 x 113 cm
Double Cotton Classic 240cm 204Kg Solid Pine 254 x 117 x 104 cm
Apollo Set Classic 310cm 150Kg Weatherproof Spruce Wood 357 x 104 x 131 cm
Summerset Spreader Bar 310cm 120Kg Powder Coated Steel 330 x 105 x 110 cm
Omega Grenadine Hanging Chair 160 x 130 cm 150Kg Powder Coated Steel 135 x 182 x 111 cm
Omega Terracotta Hanging Chair 170 x 70 cm 150Kg Powder Coated Steel 135 x 182 x 111 cm
Deck Set Spreader Bar 193cm 160Kg Powder Coated Steel 350 x 70 x 150 cm
Sunbrella Classic 365cm 204Kg Powder Coated Steel 274 x 121 x 111 cm
Beach Set Spreader Bar 310cm 120Kg Powder Coated Steel 304 x 78.5 x 91.5 cm

American Dream Hammock Set

Let’s begin with this American inspired hammock made by Amazonas. The set includes a detachable pillow and reusable bag that matches the gunmetal grey and orange trim of the fabric. The lying surface measures 200 x 120 cm with a full length of 335 cm. Taking the afternoon off to lay in this bed will be a true delight! It is even large enough to invite a friend if needed!

American Dream Hammock Set

Additionally, the Apollo stand that comes with this hammock is built from European spruce wood. It’s also weather resistant and extremely sturdy fitting any Amazonas hammock with the length of 250-330 cm. This FSC certified stand compliments the American Dream Hammock and includes easy to follow instructions. Assembly only takes a few minutes, giving you hours of relaxation in the comfort of your home.

Miami Aqua Hammock Set

The bright blue colour of this Miami Beach inspired hanging bed will look great in the greenery of any garden. It’s woven in an environmentally friendly manner with recycled yarn and the complete set comes with a matching storage bag and Kronos frame. The hammocks lying surface is 220 x 120 cm with a full length of 320 cm. Due to its extra-large size, you can sprawl out to their leisure or share the room with a loved one!

Wood Hammock Set

The Kronos hammock frame goes very nicely with the cool aqua blue colour of the hammock. It is durable, stable, and made from European spruce wood making it weather resistant. Users won’t be able to resist the temptation of laying down for a couple hours after a long day. A great selection for consumers, this set is not only luxurious but convenient.

Double Cotton Hammock with Stand

Another top selection is the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Stand. This combo has been very popular among consumers due to its sturdy stand, carry bag and the vibrant selection of colours to choose from. This free standing hammock is a great asset to front and back gardens, patios. Offering maximum comfort, users will not be disappointed in when purchasing this particular set.

Solid Pine Standing Hammock

Tightly woven with durable cotton thread, this Brazilian hammock is held up by a heavy duty steel frame that can be assembled in a matter of minutes without any tools. The charcoal coloured stand comes with plastic caps at the end to give it a soft finish. In addition, it includes adjustment hooks for different height levels depending on user preference. The Double Cotton Hammock with Stand is all around comfortable and aesthetically pleasing – users will want to lay in it forever!

Apollo Set Marine

Another Amazonas favourite, the mixture of colours included in this hammock brings a strikingly beautiful design. This unique set includes the Marine Hammock, Apollo Stand, and a matching storage bag. The lying surface is 210 x 140 cm with a full length of 310 cm making this swinging bed large enough for two!

Hammock With Wooden Stand

Along with this marine inspired hammock, the Apollo frame adds to its beauty. Made from European spruce wood that is weatherproof, it provides a durable and stable frame that goes beautifully with the fabric of the hammock itself. An all-around great choice for consumers, this versatile set is among the best this year.


This Sumo hanging bed is designed from EllTex and gives users a summer feeling all year long! The vibrant fabric design includes extra-long lasting TEXtile, is weatherproof and UV resistant. The contemporary steel design of the stand is self-adjustable to meet the height preference of the user. This powder coated steel frame also fits smaller sized Amazonas hammocks.

Amazonas Summer Set Hammock

The Summerset design and simple colours make it perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. The assembly and dismantling of this hammock are quick and easy making it convenient to store away for the winter season. Overall, this is a durable set and a stunning piece of furniture that is bound decorate and bring life to any home.

Omega Set Grenadine

This Amazonas hanging chair complements any room. The blend of colours makes the Omega Grenadine exciting to read a book, drink morning coffee, or simply unwind after a long day. The soft design of this hanging chair makes it a nice piece of furniture in or out doors. It is small enough to fit in most spaces and large enough to sprawl out comfortably!

Indoor Hammock Stand

The powder coated steel hanging stand goes well with the modern design of the chair itself. Assembly and dismantle is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. The galvanised fixings ensure safety, stability, and durability. Consequently, the Omega Set Grenadine complements any room and is a great selection.

Omega Set Terracotta

This two-sided Amazonas hanging chair is a bright orange on one side with a deep brown colour on the other. The reversible feature compliments any setting and mood! Unlike the Omega Set Grenadine, the Terracotta set has an added foot rest feature for maximum comfort. It is also made with padded fabric that naturally hugs the body making it the perfect resting spot.

Free Standing Hammock Chair

This is a great selection from top to bottom. The powder coated steel stand ensures stability, durability, and safety. It’s easy to assemble, dismantle, and move around to different locations. The Omega Set Terracotta is great for outdoor or indoor use. It’s truly one of a kind, lasting users several years.

Deck Set

The Hamaca Deck Setis made from padded polyester providing a comfortable surface for users. There is plenty of room for two on this hammock supporting 160 kg comfortably. The basket weave fabric measures 193 cm long by 122 cm wide, is weather resistant, and can be left outside. You can enjoy a beach like feel while swaying back in forth in the soft comfort of this hammock.

Hamaca Deck Set

In addition to this hanging bed, the steel stand adds to the value of this set. The included clip together powder coated stand comes in 5 pieces making it easy to assemble and put away during rainy or winter seasons. The total weight of this set is 24.3 kg. The Deck Set makes for an eye catching centrepiece in any setting.

Sunbrella Set Hammock with Stand

You can set up this Sunbrella Hammock in any location within minutes. There are absolutely no necessary tools needed to assemble the heavy duty stand that is included with the set. Made from powder coated steel the stand goes nicely with this hanging bed. You won’t be able to resist laying inside for a few hours.

Sunbrella Hammock With Stand

Consequently, part of what makes this set so different from the rest is not its beauty, but its durability. The Sunbrella fabric is stain and mildew resistant. The colour does not fade quickly giving users years of soothing afternoon naps. There is so much to love about this set. It’s no surprise it is one of the best in the market! 

Beach Hammock Set

The Amazonas Beach Hammock Set boasts a great combination of features. It includes a vividly coloured fabric that’s water and UV resistant. This high-quality hammock was made with Elltex material. Though it is slightly smaller than the other mentioned hanging beds, there’s a lot to love. The hammock itself is 200x100 cm in lying length and a full length of 310cm. The Apollo, black metal frame is sturdy with snap locks that make this hammock easy to store away for the winter season. 

Beach Hammock With Metal Stand

It’s no surprise that free standing hammocks have become a common form of relaxation. Any of the hammock sets listed above are great selections because they provide top comfort, durability, and safety for any type of environment. While traditional hammocks are flattering, free standing hammocks steal the show with their convenient setup and stunning display.

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