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For most of us, the perfect outdoor break would involve exploring the great outdoors and enjoying some fresh air along the sea or up in the mountains. Imagine this; you and your friends are having an awesome time around the campfire while roasting some marshmallows – sounds nice right?

Camping, either by the beach or in the mountains, offers a great opportunity to unwind and take off one’s mind from the everyday stresses of life.

What better way to get an amazing view than between two trees in a hammock under the cosmos? There are tons of reasons why hammocks may prove to be far more superior than tents. For example, it’s pretty convenient and portable.


Why Are More Campers Switching Over to Hammocks?

First off, hammocks are relatively cheaper than tents. Secondly, they’re lightweight and easy to set up, giving you the flexibility of putting up your camp anywhere you want without you having to sleep on the hard, rocky, cold, earth. In addition, hammocks can also give you an advantage in crowded places. This means you don’t need to compete with other people when it comes to finding a spot where to pitch your tent. All you need are two sturdy trees and you’re all set.

Moreover, hammocks will allow your body to sleep well. How? By putting your body in an optimal sleeping position for a deeper, better sleep. Thanks to that, you get to wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated, with a comfortable back and a good night's rest.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get your hammocks all set up!

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Setting Up Your Hammock the Right Way

The first thing that you need to do in setting up your hammock is to look for some good, sturdy trees to put it to. They need to be strong-looking and standing at least 5m apart from each other. Keep in mind that the ropes that will be holding the hammock up will be hugging the tree so try to find one that will be suitable for your straps.

Next, you will want to set your straps to about eye level or as high as you're ok with falling off. It is rare that your hammock might fall, but just be sure that it isn't too high in case you were to fall off, but not too low that you're touching the ground when lying in it. If your trees are on uneven ground, be sure that the straps are level with each other. Once your straps are fixed on the trunks of your trees, tie the hammock rope to the straps, securely.

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Next, attach the rope directly to the straps using a Carabiner.

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Loop through them to accomplish this. Be sure to leave yourself a bit of room to sag in your hammock comfortably, but not so low that your body would touch the ground. This will help keep your body in the correct sleeping position. Other things to remember, is to try to get the hammock at a 30-degree angle from the tree trunk. Then, your hammock should be at about chair height, for easy entry. This angle and height of suspension should feel perfect when you test it out and lie in your hammock!


Hammocks in the Rain

If you didn't check the forecast and see rain clouds starting to form, the lack of a roof in a hammock shouldn’t be an issue! It is wise to purchase a tarp before your trip for situations like an expected shower, which is just as easy to set up and will keep you dry during bad weather conditions. If you're in a warm climate, this will also keep you cool, but still dry. If the climate is a little bit cooler, the tarp will keep you nice and dry in stormy weather. With all of these tips, you won’t need to worry about rain seeping through to your comfortable hammock!

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