Moskito Traveller PRO Hammock

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The ultimate ultra lightweight hammock designed specifically for camping, adventure and travelling in locations where insects may prove to be a nuisance.  A very affordable outdoor sleeping solution, this is a spacious hammock, which can be used at either end with or without the mosquito net. 

Although sharing’s caring, this bad boy is best used alone…

The Moskito-Traveller Pro is impregnated against flying insects such as mosquitos and midges as well as the crawling terrors such as ticks and ants.  Despite the impregnation of the material and net, the hammock is completely safe to the human touch; it is odourless, heat-resistant and washable.

Excellent for the camping, adventure and travelling enthusiasts, the Traveller hammock is designed to cradle your body and the curve of the hammock will imitate the natural curve of your spine; with no pressure points you’ll find it impossible not to appreciate the feeling of being suspended and enjoy rocking off to sleep. This is the ultimate outdoor sleeping solution! 

Although compatible with our hammock stands and alternative hanging solutions, the Traveller hammock is designed to be hung between two trees in the traditional manner.  The hammock is delivered in a reusable bag made of colour-coordinated hammock material, which is perfect for storage or on the move. 

Download Moskito Pro Traveller Hammock Guide Here

Technical Details

Lying Surface: 220 x 140cm
Full Length: 350cm
Load Capacity: 150Kg
Weight 0.45Kg
Material: 100% extra stable, breathable and skin-friendly polyester (surface impregnated)
Extras: Includes bag
How to wash: Hand wash only. No dryer.