Power Hook Hammock Chair Fixing

If you’re lacking the tree required to hang your hanging chair and looking for a more affordable solution to buying a stand, you’ve hit the target with the Power Hook. This’ll likely mean an indoor chair so you’ll need access to a concrete ceiling - make absolutely sure you have one, otherwise the first experience on your new chair will likely be a painful one!!

The power hook is designed to rotate freely therefore ensure the cords don’t chafe and allows free movement in any direction. This is a prefect hanging solution if you want to save money and space in the confines of an indoors room; it’s literally screaming to be used in the corner of a room with a quality hanging chair!

  • Strong hook that fully rotates quietly and freely up to a 200kg capacity.
  • Includes a 78cm sturdy chain, carabiner and four screws.
  • Affordable solution to a stand.
  • Perfect for indoor use.

Please be advised: The Power Hook requires a cement ceiling!

Download Power Hook Information PDF Here

Technical Details

Total Length: 78mm
Load Capacity: 200kg max
Weight: 1.0kg