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Camping is indeed a wonderful and exciting outdoor activity that one should experience at least once in their life. In fact, many people would still remember the time they spent outdoors doing different activities, having lots of fun with friends and just sleeping under the stars.

This is definitely great, but what if we told you of a better way to enjoy your camping trip?

What am I talking about? Let me introduce you to ‘Tree Camping’. Tree camping is the newest and most exciting way to camp out in the woods. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to old-style camping -- ever.

Firstly, with tree camping, you won’t have to look for any clear and smooth ground anymore. All you need are some big, stable trees and you’re good to go. Plus, you can choose how far up from the ground you want to hang your camp. The higher you go, the better view, not to mention that you won’t have to worry about the creepy crawlers that might get inside your tent at night.

What do you need?

Aside from the usual camping gears and equipment and a tree tent, of course, you don’t need anything else. This means you can pack light – just taking everything that is essential for your camping trip. Also, don’t forget to bring some positive attitude and expect to have a good time.

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Different Types of Tree Camps

  • Portaledges

These hanging tents are designed to be put up right on the cliffside. They are used by rock climbers who’re looking to scale an entire cliff within a day. Because it’s so high up, it’s not practical for amateurs to set up and carry around. Some tourist locations will offer you a rental service for these, so check with them first to see if you need to bring your own or not.

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  • Raindrop-Shaped Tree Tents

As the name implies, these tents are waterdrop-shaped (raindrop) tents that you hang from a tree. These tree tents have grown massively popular, especially in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. They are made with a steel frame wrapped in canvas, which houses a sleeping platform on the top side. You will find them in various sizes -- from one that fits just one person to a family-sized tree tent that can house a bed for 4 people.

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  • Treepees

This is the type that is hung from a tree! They need to be attached to the ground to prevent them from swaying. Because they are suspended about a foot off the ground, bugs and snakes can’t crawl into them. This makes them perfect for kids to use as their new tree house/outdoor tent.

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  • Spherical Tree Tents

For those who care about the environment, these rounded tents are the way to go. They are made from recycled materials and lined with thermal-controlling materials which help them to regulate the internal temperature in any weather condition. They also come with a built-in wood stove, water storage, and even a renewable electricity generator.

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  • Tentsile Tree Tents

The tentsile tents are hung from three trees, giving you the option to go as high as the trees will allow it. These are the closest things to portable, ground tents as you get. They come with a whole lot of different sizes, flooring options, and appliances.

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