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Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you’re one of those who is looking for other romantic ways for your date, why don’t you try going on an exciting camping trip? Imagine spending a romantic dinner with your special someone under the stars. What more if you’re sleeping on a hammock that provides you with a higher level of comfort and relaxation that a traditional camping tent cannot offer.

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A hammock tent gives you a whole new camping experience. First, you no longer need to worry about the terrain or where to set up camp since a hammock is suspended above the ground. All you need are sturdy trees and you’re good to go. Second, you don’t need to sleep on the hard, cold ground. No more sleeping on uneven terrain and having small pebbles on your back when you’re trying to sleep.

To help you get the most out of your hammock camping experience, especially this Valentine’s Day, here are 7 useful tips:

  1. Move Your Body Up to Let Your Legs Hang
    If you’re not used to the sensation of sleeping in a hammock, your back may tense up too much, which may make you feel slightly sore in the morning. To avoid this problem, try hanging your legs out on the side of the hammock. This will help to keep your back more level, which will make your body more relaxed. Also, if your back is right in the middle of the sag of the hammock, too much pressure may be put on your back. If that’s the case, slide your body up slightly so that the middle of your back doesn’t have to handle too much weight.
  1. Lay Diagonally in the Hammock - Not Perpendicular to it
    The best position to sleep in a hammock is in a diagonal position from the sides of the hammock, not parallel to it. This sleeping position helps to keep the hammock from sagging too much, which means that the hammock will offer a bit more support to your back. Plus, it will ensure that you don’t fall out of your hammock when you’re sleeping as well.
  1. Bring Ropes
    When you’re on a hammock camping trip, a sturdy rope is your best friend. There are several ways you can make use of a rope. First, you can use it to tighten the hammock, resulting in less of a sag. This can give the hammock a slightly firmer feel. You can also use it to offer an additional level of security which can help to prevent the hammock from falling if the locking mechanism comes loose.
  1. Get a Hammock with Pockets
    A pocket in the hammock may not be necessary, but it’s a nice addition. With this extra feature, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your keys, wallet, phone, or flashlight. You can throw them all in the pocket and have easy access to them whenever you like.
  1. Check the Weather Forecast
    If you’re planning a camping trip during the fall, you definitely don’t want a mesh hammock designed for the summer because it will be unbearably cold. The mesh won’t give you any insulation against the cold wind that may be blowing in the night, and it may keep you up all night. On the other hand, if you plan to go on a hammock camping trip during the summer, you shouldn’t bring a hammock with three-layer insulation, as that will make you sweat all night long. You should also check the weather forecast so that you know if it will rain during your trip or not. If there’s a possibility of rain, you will need to bring a waterproof cover with you.
  1. Be Mindful of Your Impact on the Environment
    Whenever you go on a camping trip, or anywhere for that matter, you should be mindful of your impact on the environment. It isn’t a good idea to use a hammock that harms the environment, as you will be destroying the wonderful scene that you’re there to enjoy in the first place. For example, if your hammock is designed to be hung up with screws, you will have to puncture the trees when you set up camp, which may very well kill them. Preserving the natural beauty of the campground is every camper’s job, and you should be responsible for yourself as well.
  1. Be Creative!
    You’re not limited to putting your hammock up between trees, as there are countless ways you can put it up. You can use a hammock stand to hang your hammock between a small stream so that you can enjoy the sound of the coursing water as you sleep. Who needs digital ASMR when you can listen to Mother Nature’s lullaby?

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